There have been a couple of changes at the Biltmore House.  Yes, you can now reach the top floors on the tour.  No, you don’t have tour guides anymore.  You have to use the headset if you want information.  There are still people to answer questions in certain areas.  You still can’t eat anywhere but in the open courtyard near the shops.  The biggest disappointment was the parking or should I say inability to park near the house as in past years.  The pictures here show how parking was five years ago verses today, 2008.  Now they have several thousand parking lots scattered throughout the forest.  I exaggerate somewhat, but I’m sure you get the point.  They really only have five, but several of these have several levels.  Parking lot B is the closest to the house.  The mess on the lawn in the 2008 photo was the putting up of a Christmas tree.  Inside the house they were decorating for Christmas.  The admission price has jumped to forty-five dollars per person and that grants you permission to tour most of the estate, house, gardens, winery and walking trails everywhere.  If you like to walk, you’ll love Biltmore Estates.  A particular bright spot was the DEERPARK Restaurant a little less than half way from the main gate.  Did I say it was over five miles from the main gate to the estate?
On the left is a picture of spring and the photo below is fall.  You can see the forsythia blooming in the spring picture.
This page was last updated: August 1, 2012