Our boat for the trip up the Nile.  Nice ride.
Our Honeymoon trip to Egypt February 2007 and a great get-away it was.

This is real.  Louise and Ray on a camel in front of the Great Pyramid.  Hold on tight.
360-Day Calendar, 30-day months, 3 seasons, with 5 days at the end to celebrate.  Sounds like a plan.

Reconstruction, always and everywhere.  They do a great job of trying to preserve their history.
Kitchner's Island is a botanical garden with plants and trees imported from many parts of the world.  For his campaigns in the Sudan, Lord Kitchner was given the island.  He lived there until his death.

Oh yes, the Belly-dancer.  I think I had a dance with her.  Louise tells me I did.
Louise was yelling at me, asking "What dummy would attemp to climb the pyramid in the first place.
KARNAK: Temple of Amun.  It streatches two miles through the city.  A bus is a good idea if you want to see the other end.

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