How do I get out of here.  And she's not kidding.  Louise was looking for the ladies room.
River bank along the Nile.  There were many great shots along the river.  A lot better than this one.  You never have a camera ready when you need one.
Paul and the Fig tree.  That tree is so old Mohammed probably rested under it.  Our guide passed it off as two thousand years old.
Okay, a little fun.  Actually I was duped into this one.  It's wrapping the mummy kind of thing.  That's Paul's wife.  Wonder where Paul was.
Semeth, or Sammy, our guide with the children.  He is endowed with a lot of wisdom.  Something we all should have.  Paul is on the left.  And you wondered where he was.
This is the shot you get when you're trying to set the parameters on the camera.
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